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CM Punk & AJ Lee
Punklee :3


In honor of the storyline turned real life engagement, let’s take a look back at their relationship. So, let’s go back in time and look at this and remember our emotions with some gifs.

Let’s start this from where it started almost two years ago, RAW, 5/14/2012.


This segment, pretty much…


These pictures were sent in by a WrestleZone reader who spotted CM Punk picking AJ Lee up at a Chicago airport.


AJ Lee’s Full Q&A from Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans, from Friday (2-7-14).

At 1:51, CM Punk’s theme played as someone’s ring tone. AJ said “Oh, come on!” and giggled “He’s like ‘call now, call now’!”

Later in the video, AJ mentioned she’s on a “hiatus from Twitter”.

I gotta text my girlfriend that I’m sorry really quick.”

Punk at the Portland CC after talking about strippers. (x)

Near minute 73:04. It’s audio.

(via xpunkspirationx)

If this happens again on my tv…

I will do this …



Too cute.

Credit: Instagram user __chris1182000__.

I fucking LOVE this. xD